List Of Testing Equipment's

Three Phase Oil Cooled Dimmer 75 Amp1 No
Three Phase Air Cooled Dimmer 20 Amp1 No
Single Phase Air Cooled Dimmer 12amp2 No
Three Phase Testing Transformer 25v 400 Amp1 No
Three Phase Testing Transformer 20v 1000 Amp1 No
No Load Testing Panel1 No
Single Phase 0.2 Pf Wattmeter ( Ae Make)2 No
Single Phase A.C. Ammeter ( Ae Make)1 No
Break Down Tester ( Agronic Make)2 No
Megger 1000v1 No
Lcr Meter( Agronic Make)1 No
Micro Ohm Meter( Agronic Make)1 No
Digital Clamp Meter ( Meco)2 No
Multimeter ( Meco)4 No 

List Of Machinery

Heavy Winding Machine2 No
Medium Winding Machine3 No
Motorised Hand Wdg Machine4 No
Programable Automatic Wdg Machine3 No
Baking Oven 1mtr X 1mtr X 1mtr2 No
Baking Oven 0.5mtr X 0.5mtr X 0.5mtr1 No
Heavy Duty Drill Machine1 No

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